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"One time one of the roadies took a big of poop in a clear plastic zip-lock bag and placed it behind me, and I looked at it and I had double parinoia, because I had a fear of falling from a far high place, and a fear of falling on shit, and now everytime when I get on the tall(drum)riser, even theres not a bag of shit behind me, I'm just like-"How god,no,I don't want this to happen to me".

"I'm peeing right now"-Adrian at the MTV awards

"Holy shit....-after winning the best new band vid at the 1997 MTV awards

"If I could be one thing, I'd be a dog, because they're cute, like me, and they are woman's best friend, like me!!" ----Adrian backstage in AZ

" I wasn't grooving. I was nervous and shaky," recalls Adrian. "I was this inexperienced kid, and Flea was trying to help me get into it. I was choking and thinking, 'Oh God, I'm ruining it for everybody.' I felt really bad. We eventually got it, but it took a long time. And what was ironic was that we never used those tracks for anything" -- Adrian talking to the writer of DRUM magazine about his first time with No Doubt while they were recording there first two demos, with Flea from Red Hot Chile Peppers there.