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Who is Adrian Young?

*Name: Adrian Samuel Young
*Birthday:August, 26th,1969
*Born and Raised:Cypress,Orange County,SoCal
*Weight:155 pounds
*Family:Sam and Jean(parents)and his brother Damian
*Instrument: Pearl Master Custom Drums
*Personality Profile: He's the closest thing thing No Doubt has to a party animal. A total jokester who popularized the crew cut with devil horns 2 years ago. You'll usually find him making farting noises or playing b-ball-but probably not taking a shower. "I've always been a slobby, stinky guy"
*Favorite Activites:golf, basketball, and banging on the drums.
*Attended College: Cal State Fulerton(my fav college now)
*Romantic Status: TAKEN.(sob)Well Adrian DID break up with girlfriend of 4 years in April 1997, he still taken. He is now in a SERIOUS realtionship with another chick this time her name is Nina.
*Stage Style:"I'm getting into the mod scene-Fred Perry shirts, green flight jackets, stuff like that". and he is way over last years smeared-lipstick thing"He brings the goth out of all of us" Gwen's comment 2 years back. "That was tribute to my girlfriend, she was a ex-goth"
*Fav song to perform on stage: "Move on"
Fave Tunes: Abbey Road by the Beatles, Reggatta de Blanc by the Police, and Adams Ants Greatist Hits. Also he is a huge journey fan.
*Other Interests: He loves to dye his hair and have cool cuts, my personal favs so far have been the rude girl cut and the blond spiky.
 Hope this gives a little bit of info on Adrian....Isn't he great!
 Also if you scroll all the way over you can see some cute pics! Isn't Adrian such a sweetie as a baby???